Hardware Traceability


Want to have more information on the retrieved goods?


Fill in the requested information below and the result will be returned to the given email address. If there is no information only the "headings" will be inlcuded in the result.

The information available is the information stored in Ericsson database for traceability of hardware products.


Information on the fields to be filled in before pressing 'Send request'.

  • Userid or Name:
    Identity of the requester
  • E-mail address:
    Address to receive the result
  • Serial number:
    Individual identity against which information shall be searched
    (Max length: 18 characters)
  • Basic information :
    Basic attributes for the serial number
  • Change information:
    Changes done for the serial number
  • Synonym information:
    Additional synonym information, e.g. MAC address
  • Structure information:
    Individual structure information, 1 level down
  • MAC address separator:
    Type of separator for MAC addresses