This is NOT a true validation tool. It gives a possibility to see if the result of a read 2D symbol string includes header, qualifiers (data identifiers) and trailer.

"Num Lock" enabled on the keyboard. Active X and Javascript allowed/activated in browsers (IE, Chrome or Firefox).

Connected scanner need to be able to transmit either "none printable" (control) characters or substitute characters for these.

Substitution characters

  • GS (ASCII 29, HEX 1D) subsituted by ^ (ASCII 94, HEX 5E)
  • RS (ASCII 30, HEX 1E) substituted by ! (ASCII 33, HEX 21)
  • EoT (ASCII 04, HEX 04) substitubed by ? (ASCII 63, HEX 3F)

    Color coding

  • Green - Header and trailer characters OK
  • Blue - Group separator OK
  • Yellow - Data identifier OK
  • White - Encoded data
  • Red - String does not meet required information NOT OK
  • Support

    • Your contact at Ericsson